Tips and Guidelines Manual


Are you interested in starting your own Home Care agency?

Do you need help to get it off the ground?

Would you like to see it thrive and grow into a million dollar business?

Home Care is a business model that has expanded in recent years to become a huge part of the economy. As populations continue to age this is likely to increase even more and new businesses in this industry are thriving like never before. If you have aspirations to have a business in the Home Care sector and believe you could make a success of it then there are certain steps you’ll need to take to ensure you flourish.

This illustrative book, Opening and Operating a Successful Home Care Agency: Tips and Guidelines, will provide you with all the information required to get you started and thriving, with chapters that cover:

  • Getting your agency started
  • Devising a business plan
  • Branding your new business
  • The structure of your office
  • Licenses, regulations and inspections
  • Taking on your first clients
  • Successful marketing
  • The benefits of owning your own agency
  • And lots more…


As with any business, getting the basics right for your new Home Care agency will ensure its smooth running and eliminate many of the common errors that newcomers to the industry make.

Once this is achieved you can then start to enjoy all the benefits that this lucrative business model offers and look forward to a future where unlimited expansion awaits.

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