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Get a Jump on getting your very own Private Home Care Agency started with Next Level Healthcare
Get a Jump on getting your very own Private Home Care Agency started with Next Level Healthcare
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What’s included in Business Start-up Package;

CNA2CEO access (E-learning course access ($4,999 value))

Description: Next Level Healthcare has designed an exclusive E-learning Course for healthcare professionals to take the knowledge you learned in the field to the next level of CEO! While we designed this E-course for Healthcare Professionals however our course is so informative and thorough we can take anyone with the CEO mindset and drive to be a CEO and help them to start their own Private Home Care Agency. This course provides a curriculum of 14 chapters, 23 lessons and over 80 topics providing the knowledge and guidance to open and operate a home care agency.

Assistance with PHC license ($5,500 value)

A private home care provider provides home care services through its own employees and/or contractors by providing services inside a patient’s residence that involves direct care to the patient including nursing services, personal care services, and companion/sitter services.

NLH: Tips and Guidelines PDF Book ($199 Value) 

Customized Policies and Procedures ($1,500 Value)

Our Private Home Care Agency Policy & Procedure Manuals are written State specific and customized to meet the needs of your Non-Medical Personal Care (PAS) or Companion Home Care Business. Our Private Home Care Agency Policy & Procedure Manuals are in compliance with current State Standards and guaranteed to assist you in passing your State Private Home Care Agency Business License Inspection. All our Private Home Care Agency Policy & Procedure Manuals are written and customized specifically for your Private Home Care Agency Business and are in compliance with current State Standards as well as Federal guidelines for Private Home Care license.

Customized Admission Packet ($799 Value)

Upon admission to your Agency, patients need to be provided detailed personal, health, and insurance information and you must track everything, while meeting HIPAA requirements. Our Home Healthcare Patient Admission Packet will ensure that you have a complete patient admission packet, allowing you to efficiently operate your home healthcare Agency.

Customized Marketing Packet ($1,500 Value)

Targeting your market, developing a strategy, implementing innovative programs, as well as direct marketing keys to success are among the topics to be covered in this Home Health Care Training Seminar. Our objective is to assist you in providing successful marketing to your referral sources and increasing your patient census! This Packet Includes:

  1. Customized Advertisement Material 
  2. Customized Email Marketing Platform 
  3. Branded Merchandise 
  4. Domain Purchase
  5. Tools & Resource Referencing for Marketing

Customized Orientation Packet ($299 Value)

Employee orientation training basics include showing new workers how to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Orientation is the perfect time to begin soft skills training, and to introduce employees to the Agency, its services, its culture and policies. Adding these items to your home health care forms employee orientation checklist can greatly improve worker satisfaction and employee retention.

Customized Staff Handbook ($249 Value)

Essential that all businesses have an Employee Handbook in order to provide a means of communication between Management and employees and to potentially protect the business and its employees from future legal problems. An Employee Handbook can keep you from having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ every time an issue, question, or dispute arises, as it provides a first point of contact for answering questions, and outlines the steps to take, should the handbook not address those issues in-depth The bottom line is an Employee Handbook saves time, resources and money.

Customized Website Build ($950 Value)

Your professionally designed website will be designed, developed, optimized and launched to guarantee placement in all search engines within the world wide web (WWW). Your website will be desktop, mobile and tablet compatible including SEO meta tags, search engine submission, etc. and also includes professional email addresses @yourwebsite.com (example), high resolution health care images, social icons and linking, a Google map widget, daily malware scans and much more. In addition, we design and provide you with customized business cards and brochures to satisfy your offline marketing desires. All marketing files and materials belong to you and your business



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