Jump Start (1) Silver Package


The Next Level Healthcare Jump Start Silver Package Includes;

  • Business Formation Assistance
  • Branding Development
  • Access to CNA2CEO course
  • Private Home Care Permit
  • Private Home Care Policies & Procedures
  • Medicaid Provider Number (SOURCE/CCSP)
  • Customized Medicaid Policies & Procedures
  • 3-day Hands-on Operations Training
  • Operations Manual
  • Marketing Tools/Resources (website, brochures, business cards, etc.)
  • Customized Admission Packet
  • Staff Handbook:
  • Customized Marketing Packet
  • Customized Orientation Packet
  • Business Development Commission Plan


The Next Level Jumpstart Program is for the members of our agency to jump right into opening and operating a Home Care Agency immediately. This package is like a business in a box, having our experts complete state applications, obtaining a business license, creating marketing content, and taking on your very first client. The NLH Jumpstart program was established for aspiring healthcare entrepreneurs to receive the tools and guidelines without the hassle or wait to get ready for state inspections, receiving state funds, and building a business from a solid foundation.

The goals that have been placed on these packaged programs are to ensure that you are completely competent and prepared for opening a new home care agency. Our team of healthcare professionals and business experts are there every step of the way in order to advance your knowledge on effectively operating a structured home care agency. We will provide the knowledge, tools, and resources to enhance your ability to gain new clients and rapports with healthcare professionals while effectively training staff to maintain quality assurance.

Business Formation Assistance

Next Level Healthcare will complete all name check and business filing: We complete your paperwork and file it with your state. We also assist with Articles of Incorporation: In some states, the articles are called a “certificate of formation.” We get all of the licenses and permits required to legally run your business in your city. ***Application and filing fees included***

Legal Documents Included:

  • Registration with Secretary of State
  • Apply for IRS EIN number
  • Business Permit (Occupational Tax Certificate)

Branding Development

Next Level Healthcare branding session will allow each member to establish the key components to achieving the best business brand foundation in order to connect with consumers to request your care services. The information curated during this session will be utilized to shape a unique brand that will be marketable in the healthcare industry.

When working with your coach, the process of development will be interactive steps to truly define and shape your home care agency. It is important to solve economical issues for the community and finding ways to connect with these individuals to ensure health and safety is important to the growth of your agency.

During this session, we will discuss the following:

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Image
  • Brand Mission

Access to CNA2CEO e-learning course

The Next Level Healthcare CNA to CEO Online Course Designed to get your healthcare business started and profitable within 1 to 2 months. During this course, you will learn how to properly brand, develop, and market your agency. This 15-chapter course includes over 80 topics and 100 lessons that thoroughly walk you through each step of opening a new home care agency. Each chapter will be interactive and will challenge your newfound knowledge with quizzes at the end of each lesson. This online comprehensive course is easy to navigate and will teach you how to successfully operate your new home care agency within the rules and regulations of the state.

Private Homecare Permit

Once our members have obtained a Private Home Care license, their company will now be able to provide home care services to members of the community through professionally trained staff members provided by their home care agency. The services will be provided inside a patient’s residence that involves direct care to the patient including nursing services, personal care services, and companion/sitter services. Once this license is obtained, the home care agency will only be able to accept private pay clients. After a full year of maintaining this license, the company will be inspected and if passed, the business will be able to move forward to obtaining a Medicaid License from the state. ***Application and filing fees are not included***

Customized Private Home Care Policies and Procedures

The polices and procedures are guidelines to operating your business daily. These policies and procedures keep your agency aligned with the state rules and regulations for operating a successful private home care agency. These policies assist administrators, office personnel, and field personnel with by laws on providing in home care services to seniors, veterans, and disabled members of the community.

Medicaid Provider Number (Source, CCSP)

As a Medicaid Provider in the state of Georgia, you will be able to provide community-based care to eligible members of our communities. The programs (SOURCE & CCSP) that you will be able to utilize will provide direct access to state funded services. The population in which you will be able to serve includes but is not limited to aging individuals, physically disabled, veterans, and surgical recovery members who need services such as personal care, companionship, & nursing services. ***Application and filing fees are not included***

Customized Medicaid Program Policies and Procedures

The Medicaid Program policies and procedures are guidelines for agencies that participate within this state funded program waiver. These policies are for operating your agency who receives state reimbursements from Medicaid insured clients. These policies and procedures keep your agency aligned with the Medicaid Program state rules and regulations for operating a successful private home care agency. These policies assist administrators, office personnel, and field personnel with by laws on providing in home care services to seniors, veterans, and disabled members of the community.

3-days hands on operations Training

Operational training breaks down the proper and most effective way to run your agency so that your business is well organized and to ensure quality improvement. Operational structure is key to any business and with working with elderly or disabled individuals through the state, as a healthcare professional you are required to keep track of client documentation, medical history, and regulations. Also, it is vital to have the proper onboarding and protocols for your staff members to follow while representing your company in the field. Our team will assist with the new Electronic Visit Verification (required by the state) data system and walk-through step by step on how to manage, update, and properly use this system to maintain compliance. Operations includes the following: client intake, employee hire, and management etc. 

Operations Manual

Documentation provided following operational training for our members as guidance for employees and company internal operations to perform their functions correctly and reasonably efficiently to produce services. This will be considered your office book for onboarding process for new hires, client intake process, proper protocols, and documentation requirements for compliance.

Marketing Tools/Resources

Target your market!! Being a new home care agency in the healthcare industry, it is important to market your business actively, and effectively. The marketing tools and resources that our professionals will develop will strategically implement innovative programs to increase benefits towards your business. We will create and personalize promotional marketing content to jumpstart your business marketing goals!

Next Level Healthcare will layout the proper marketing techniques for our members to jump into the industry prepared. We will create brand awareness with social media presents, build website to build CRM data to connect with your prospects, and client location for direct-to-consumer marketing. Next Level healthcare will also provide digital resources for email blast and google SEO optimization. With our rapport in the healthcare industry, we also have contacts to case managers, clients, and community outreach programs for referrals.

Customized Marketing Packet

Our marketing directors and graphic design team will create customized marketing material for your new agency. This will include brochures, business cards, employee badges, photoshoot, and flyers. These promotional items are key to successfully marketing while out in the field. The healthcare industry is very big on presentation specially coming in as a new home care agency. Being able to professionally market your brand is essential when building relationships with other healthcare professionals. This will make your business stand out and give your audience time to appreciate your efforts that put into your business which can potentially bring in new prospects for care services. Also, our consulting agency will assist our members with establishing the proper accounts for seeking caregivers for your agency. We will help your agency determine the best ways to advertise, incorporate incentives, and hiring procedures.

Customized Orientation Packet

The orientation process within any company is a major tutorial for new caregivers prior to them being able to represent your agency in the field. Our agency provides our members with a customized company orientation packet that breaks down the employee job duties and descriptions, include HIPPA laws to protect clients, and all other vital information in contractual form to all caregivers, nurses, and administrative staff members. The employee orientation can also include a video displaying the company information, protocols, and state regulations to understand and agree with by prior to employment. All agencies are entitled to develop and maintain their rules and guidelines at their own discretion, we will assist with implementing that into your packet

Business Development Commission Plan

The Business Development Commission Plan will solely be based on the performance of the business and will help motivate both parties to reach specific sales goals and will promote company-wide collaboration to reach the goals put in place. As the clients begin to increase, the commission percentage will be based on the true measurements of the expansion of company growth and ensure that participants are provided the direct resources to maintain quality base services. Our goal is to assess our ability to assist with securing clients while also retaining existing clients. ***Optional for ongoing support***

Home-care Software Subscription

As a newly operating home care business, it is highly effective to have a easy navigational home care EVV system for your daily operations. This software subscription will be provided by Next Level Healthcare members who participate in our Platinum package. The Electronic Verification Visits have been recently mandated by the state of Georgia for all home care agencies to utilize for visit verification. The software will create a strong foundation by equipping you and your team with one place to operate all scheduling, care documentation, HR, and payroll/billing. The product is easy to use for caregivers (documented over 20 million visits with Caregiver Mobile App) The Mobile App lets caregivers’ clock in/out, complete care notes, see calendars and open visits. The training from our coaches at NLH will teach administrators how to use the software in order to automate billing and payroll to sync with QuickBooks and other payroll providers. While also being able to keep track of certifications and evaluations, caregiver applicant tracking and much more. ***initial set up fees not included***

Staff training software subscription

Along with our coaches providing training for our office personnel, we will also provide resources for caregivers training. The software suggested will provide classes with auto-assigned based on your state requirements. This system will allow administrators to view the training progress of all your caregivers in one place and fully integrated with the home care software. Staff training hours for both initial and annual training is important for competency and compliance in which the software will create automatic reminders, so your caregivers remember to take their training. The software gives the capability to assign individual classes to caregivers, so you can prepare them for specific clients. Innovative, blended training model to train and certify new HHA’s (including NY, NJ and per Federal requirements). ANCC accredited continuing education that meets state requirements for OTs, PTs, RNs, LPNs and LVNs ***initial set up fees not included***



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