Medicaid Waiver (Source, CCCP) License


Assistance with Medicaid Waiver (Source) License

SOURCE is an enhanced primary care case management program serving frail elderly and disabled beneficiaries. The program works to improve the health outcomes of persons with chronic health conditions by integrating primary medical care with home care services through case managers.

Assistance with Medicaid Waiver (CCSP) License

CCSP is a Medicaid waiver program that provides a range of community-based services to assist individuals who are older and/or have disabilities to achieve safe, self-reliant lives. Health Force of Georgia is a Georgia-approved, participating provider of at-home care services to adults eligible to receive the CCSP waiver. This means persons who qualify for the CCSP program may receive homecare or skilled nursing care services at no charge or a small monthly cost-share as Health Force of Georgia is reimbursed directly by the State of Georgia.


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