FAQs — Starting A Personal or Home Care Business

Frequently Asked Questions From Past & Present Students

QUESTION: How long is the Next Level Healthcare Jump Start Program?

ANSWER: The Next Level Healthcare Program is a 3 to 15 month process (generally) however some of our students may take an additional week or two to an additional month to complete the program. Your complete understanding and work ethic is the key to your success. You will obtain your Private Home Care Permit and State Medicaid Numbers throughout this process.

QUESTION: What is covered in the CNAtoCEO E-learning Course or Book?

ANSWER: Legal, Tax, Insurance, Planning & Budgeting, State Forms, Patient Admission Packet Development, Human Resource Training, Staff Development & Evaluation Training, Policies and Procedures Training, State Licensing Inspection Assurance, Branding, Marketing Resources and Development and more.

QUESTION: What guarantee does Next Level Healthcare offer?

ANSWER: The CEOs are successful at this everyday and as long as you follow our program course (and don't try and reinvent the wheel) you will succeed in starting your own successful Healthcare Business. While we can provide you with all that you need to be successful, you have to be trainable, and hard working. This is not and get rich quick program.

QUESTION: What requirements are needed to enroll in the program?

ANSWER: While we would prefer you have some type of healthcare background it is not required or necessary. NO DEGREE, NO CERTIFICATIONS OR LICENSE ARE NEEDED. Your desire to run your very own Healthcare Business along with your hardworking, trainable mentality are the three (3) main elements to practically guarantee your success.

QUESTION: What is home care?

ANSWER: Home care service is professional support provided by a caregiver that helps a person who needs assistance to live independently and safely in a place they’re most comfortable like their home. This includes and is limited to bathing, grooming, dressing, meal preparation, light housekeeping and etc.

QUESTION: Is it profitable to start a home care startup?

ANSWER: Setting up a non-medical home care startup could be a perfect business option, especially in the coming years. The baby boomer generation would soon be requiring care, which depicts the high demand for caregivers.

QUESTION: How much does the Jumpstart Program cost?

ANSWER: Jumpstart Program starts at 16k and it goes up to 26k depending on which package is choose.

QUESTION: How long does it take to receive your private home care license?

ANSWER: It typically takes 3/4 months to receive your private home care license with the state.

QUESTION: How long does it take to start making money in private home care?

ANSWER: Once licensed as a home care provider , our members can start making money by accepting new patients within the first 90 days!

QUESTION: Is there any funding options available?